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Callout for art projects for OpenMind Festival 2015 !

Do you have creativity to share?

Do you have something deep, vibrant, unique, enchanting to express?

In the spirit of co-creation and community, this year OpenMind Projects is offering art grants to artists, dreamers, and lovers who would like to make the gathering even more special! You have the opportunity to share you art in a variety of contexts and space throughout the festival:

  • Installations in the enchanted forest
  • Installations on site and Land-art
  • Stages and dancefloor art
  • Original visual projections set-ups on stages and on site.

As a thank you for your work we will be granting $500 to four (4) artists or crews to show your project at OpenMind Festival 2015.

As well several spots will be offered to more projects which fit with the OpenMind theme, values and artistic criteria.


Moreover, if you don’t have a project to offer or if you wish to cocreate a project within the OpenMind art team, you can be part of the OpenMind art team, please sign-up here:


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Theme : Embody

To embody is to make our dreams come true and materialize our visions.

To embody is to apply our values to any given moment.

To embody is to fully live what we advocate.

To embody is to bring to life our ideals daily.

To embody is to be the real you!

Along with this theme, OpenMind Festival is looking to welcome bigger art, masterpieces that will be the object of contemplation and insightful for many people!

Within this theme, OpenMind Projects is looking to support artists who embody their values and work with intention and care for details. You can find inspiration in the images attached.

How do I sign up?


Deadline for submissions is March 27th  2015.  The OpenMind Festival team will then review the submissions and offer the 4 spots to the chosen artists or crews. As well several spots will be offered to more projects which fit with the OpenMind theme, values and artistic criteria.

Your art can be either already existing, half-made, or only a vision for now. If you are chosen, we will assist you and your team to make it happen in time for OpenMind Festival.

Moreover, if you don’t have a project to offer or if you wish to cocreate a project within the OpenMind art team, you can also sign-up and we’ll build the team within the next weeks!


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What are my benefits if i’m not chosen as a grantee?

You get the chance of co-creating one of the most amazing, innovative and surprising festival! Moreover, we’ll invite many

international artists, artists managers, movie producers and visionary events/festival managers to contemplate the art at OpenMind, get inspiration and connect with artists who created the festival.



Do I get to keep my art after the festival?

You have the choice of keeping your art, or to make a donation to OpenMind Projects to perpetuate the contemplation of your art over time.


How do I get my art to the festival?

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It’s the responsibility of all Arts Grant participants to transport their art to the festival site before the Festival opens, and to finish installation before July 25th 2015 at midnight. OpenMind Festival team will be able to help finding transport and connecting you with others who need transport.



Is there any funding before the festival ?

A limited budget will be allowed to the projects to buy materials


What if my art has several pieces to it?

That’s fine, but it still counts as one submission and is only eligible for one of the grants.


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What are your sustainable guidelines?

The summary of our sustainable guidelines concerning art are:

  • Minimize the use of new materials (non-recycled)
    • Maximum percentage of new materials: 7,5% 
  • Minimize the use of materials which cannot be recycled
    • Think about the materials end of life before buying it
    • Maximum percentage of non-reusable materials: 5%
  • Maximal preservation of materials
    • Make use of materials which are durable: think long term.
    • Do your best to apply strategies or make use of materials in a way which will protect them from accelerated degradation to favor long term durability.
    • Plan the transport and storage of used materials adequately.
  • Absolutely no usage of synthetic, non-biodegradable materials
    • This includes paints, soaps, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.
  • No usage of disposable batteries 
  • No usage of single objects which may only be used once
    • Once again, this includes plastic adhesive tape, new rope and tie-wraps.  
  • Maximization of purchase from suppliers with eco-responsible and fair-trade certifications
  • Waste sorting should be impeccable
  • Minimization of energy consumption
    • Turn off lighting and devices when not needed
    • Make use of high-efficiency devices 
  • Count all mileage done during the organization
  • Minimization of car usage


We can’t wait to receive your submission!

Enjoy the co-creation !



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