• What is OpenMind Festival ?

The OpenMind festival is a transformational gathering, a celebration of life which embraces balance, a co-creation which is built around the visionary arts, well-being and intentions, the community spirit, music and festivities, free-expression and dance, the realization of dreams, the discovery of a new and harmonious way of life as well as powerful and magical experiences!


To embody is to make our dreams come true and materialize our visions.

To embody is to apply our values to any given moment.

To embody is to fully live what we advocate.

To embody is to bring to life our ideals daily.

To embody is to be the real you!

The OpenMind Festival is an environment that is teeming with transformative tools and balanced between celebration and well-being. It is a place rich in discovery, which expands as we integrate it into our daily lives. It is a flowering time of learning that transforms us once we live the change.

The mission of the OpenMind 2015 Festival is to continue to catalyze transformation through celebration and well-being, while sharing a variety of ways to become who we really are!

☼ Unfolding of the theme “Embody” at OpenMind Festival 2015! ☼
At each OpenMind edition, the theme unfolds day after day !

Day 1: Connection: Monday, July 27 (Yellow and Orange)
Day 2: Healing: Tuesday, July 28 (Blue)
Day 3: Transformation: Wednesday, July 29 (Blue and Green)
Day 4: Growing: Thursday, July 30 (Green)
Day 5: Sharing: Friday, 31 July (Pink and Yellow)
Day 6: Celebration: Saturday, August 1 (Red and Orange, costume party)
Day 7 and 8: Integrating the experience: Sunday, August 2nd and Monday, August 3 (Purple)

  • Music and Celebration


The Stone Circle is a place created with intention by the OpenMind Projects team to enjoy a variety of transformational music, to celebrate healthily and to take part in the great dance of life!

The Stone Circle expresses a variety of musicians, DJs, workshops and performers.


The Cosmic Glade is a new out of this world space where music with slower rhythms and visionary visual projections gravitate.

It is a place where magic moments emerge, an area of profound encounters with oneself, others and nature!


World • Tribal • Ambient • Instrumental fusion electronic • Reggae • Dub • Dubstep • meditative  • Folk • Progressive trance • Psy-progressive trance • Forest trance • Electro-Swing • Balkan • Downtempo • Midtempo • Electronic tribal • Psybient and various uplifting music styles.

  • Workshops and conferences


The consciousness hut will host a series of workshops and conferences comprised of a variety of topics focused on personal and collective development and consciousness. These workshops are offered by many experts in their respective fields of study. Many topics will be covered, from intentional dances to alchemy, from eastern to western spirituality, from the most excentric to the most technical and down to earth traditions, from healthy eating to lucid dreaming. Take a turn and walk off the well-treaded path to embrace the vast possibilities which offer themselves to you!


A warm and comfy indoor tea shop, facilitating an authentic meeting of human beings while savoring highly refined teas and herbal infusions and nourishing the body and soul with smoothies and healthy snacks!

Padded floor, welcoming atmosphere, coffee tables, cushions and delightful company awaits you!

Each evening, two visionary documentaries/films will be presented, followed by discussion circles.


The Well-Being Village is a place where volunteers, organizers and participants of the OpenMind Festival can relax and take care of themselves in total confidence. The Village includes a wide variety of professional therapists who contribute, by their listening skills and expertise, to the betterment of our community.

In addition to healing therapies offered throughout the week, the Well-Being Village hosts a space where one is able to stretch, hydrate, meditate or to gather between friends. To this end, massage tables and massage chairs are available to all, as well as carpets, cushions and accessories facilitating relaxation and healing. Also, water and herbal teas are available self-service at any time of the day.

It is with great love and kindness that we welcome you to this haven of well-being.


The community hosts rich oases of beauty, places of calm and contemplation, conducive to introspection and meditation. The Great Pine, the Temple of the River, Station OM, and vibrant places to welcome you and to relax.


This year the OpenMind Festival offers three major ceremonies created to light the spark in our outlook, to open our hearts and to unite our intentions. Ceremonies are tools of personal and collective change allowing us to experience sacred moments, to honor the divine within us and others, as well as to live a deep connection as a community. In addition, several other more intimate non-intrusive ceremonies take place throughout the festival.


The Sweat Lodge is a very profound and powerful purification ritual originating from the native nations. It is an opportunity to return, in the dark, the warmth of the stones, chants and prayer to the womb of our Mother Earth.

Throughout this process, which is guided and accompanied by experienced guides, we live an inner transformation, dissolution of our fears, integration of our strengths and a renaissance where we emerge together in unity, grown, and renewed.



At the heart of OpenMind Projects is the community, a large tribe in constant transformation. The OpenMind Festival is an occasion to gather to connect, heal, transform, grow, share, and celebrate! The heart of the festival is a social space to catalyze meetings and moments of deep exchanges.

The community occupies the heart of the festival where we find the Youth Space, the kitchens, co-creative spaces, as well as artisans and exhibitors. There is also the VisionART, performances and entertainment, and several other vibrant activities.



in collaboration with L’espace 100 noms


The Youth Space is a place that welcomes children and teenagers, in which they can flourish with a wide range of creative experiences. The theme Embody comes alive here by dipping into the fantastic world of animals, which inspired the symbolic stories of many ancient cultures. Either through movement workshops (yoga, circus, dance) or through fine arts (sculpture, painting, screen printing, crafts, Land Art, etc.), young people have the chance to explore and to express art, discovering various traditional and contemporary techniques. This whole experience is accompanied by music, inflatable games and many surprises!! We invite TEENAGERS to take a look at our Facebook page, which aims to inform them about the different workshops and activities which will be offered this year. Information about how to prepare for certain workshops will also be available on the Facebook page, so that they may fully live the OpenMind experience…

L’Espace 100 Noms Lennoxville, in collaboration with the chefs Chaben Mohamed et Jérome Drapeau and a team of passionate volunteers, is proud to join OpenMind to offer a kitchen with an abundant menu and collaborative spirit.

L’Espace 100 Noms represents the convergence of creative individuals, activating and co-spiring through volunteer efforts, to run a community space and vegan kitchen.

At OpenMind, a worldly array of tastes will be offered by this devoted team, using primarily organic ingredients from local sources. In order to respond to the diverse needs and values of festival participants, the menu offered will be vegan, with gluten-free options.

Our kitchen, along with the other culinary kiosks expecting to be present during the festival, will be offering lunch and supper to the OpenMind community of participants during the festival, highlighting wholesome and healthy options.

The point of service for food during the festival will be situated at the heart of the site. All festival-goers are invited to participate in this circle space, where the body and heart will be served.

View the menu !!

The experience of the OpenMind Festival would be not complete without all the exhibitors who share with us their passion, ranging from food to crafts, clothing and much more! This year, exhibitors within the Village have as a mission to contribute and enhance the overall experience of festival-goers. They are encouraged to go beyond the simple service of just providing you with their products, each in their own way, through decoration, their theme and the creation of a positive impact on the Earth and its inhabitants. You find on your path exhibitors who are truly embodied in the OpenMind Festival.

  • Magic


Step into the world of magic that is the Enchanted Forest! Bask under the soft glow of the Tree of Life while faeries fly all around. Discover new species of giant mushrooms and fantastic flowers while walking secret trails. Visit during the day for a serene garden of contemplation, or by night, when the Enchanted Forest comes alive with bioluminescent light! The Enchanted Forest is a place where imagination can run free and wild! Come Play!


The OpenMind Projects Magic Team wishes to create a universe through which the fantastic juggles the wonderful and surprise with amazement, in order to saturate the physical and imaginary space with enchantment and magic. Playing with theatre and performance, the immersive and the interactive, it’s an invitation to open the doors of mystery and the supernatural while being immersed in your child’s heart!


The OpenMind 2015 Festival is an immersive experience merging traditions with new technologies. The stage decor this year is an alloy of organic materials and innovative techniques never before seen in a stage context! A large team of professionals is already co-creating artistic stage decor to catalyze transformative moments on and around the stages.


Several interactive installations give life to nature, make our imaginations vibrate and illuminate our paths as much on the inside as the outside!


The OpenMind Festival site is a visionary temple in itself and it is a transformative experience simply to walk there!

A wide range of Land Art and interactive spaces make the festival site vibrate, transport us to unusual places and illuminate our path!


Dance, circus, acrobatics, and even more to give you an eyeful! We have the possibility to share magical moments thanks to local artists who become the most impressive characters. They show you all viewpoints and accompany you in this magnificent transformation that is the OpenMind Festival. More amazing one than the next, you experience unique and magical moments to celebrate together the beauty of life! Be prepared to see extraordinary performances filled with intention and consciousness.


The Labyrinth invites its guests to immerse themselves in the center of their own interior mazes, guiding them sometimes imperceptibly, sometimes explicitly, into the highlight of their intimate and collective constructions. The experience of each is unique, taking the shape and the depth that the person chooses to manifest and incarnate throughout his or her path. In accordance with the overall harmony of the festival, the Labyrinth explores meanings and the symbolic, as much in the subtle manifestations as in the more explicit elements, of what it means to incarnate.

  • Visionary Art


VisionArt is a temple where the windows are turned inward. The space revolves around sharing our subjective and collective visions and the experience of the real. In its body lives the sensitivity of the artists who will share their perception of the world to help us connect with what brings together us in our respective experiences. In its heart lies a place of encounter, a games room furnished with tools for experimenting with our senses and our own visionary dimension. And its voice sums it all up to freely share and to fully understand.

Artists line-up coming soon


A variety of visual artists displaying their projections onto a new grandiose space as well as many interactive installations in various other locations of the festival!

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