OpenMind Festival 2015 complete schedule now available !

You can find the complete schedule of the festival on our Google Drive or on our website at, where you’ll find all information about guests invited at OpenMind!


Visit to get your tickets !


The OpenMind festival is:

  • Great musicians from both the international and local scenes, bringing you a variety of transcendental musics
  • A great variety of international and local speakers, presenters and workshop leaders, presenting a variety of subjects around the theme of personal and collective development
  • Colorful and impressive activities and performances
  • A temple where immersive visionary arts emerge
  • A blooming village of well-being, free to all
  • An enchanted forest and a giant labyrinth
  • Spaces and moments filled with intentionality
  • Inspiring, healthy and robust cuisines
  • A fantastic and lively youth space
  • A vibrant and blooming community
  • The lot of it topped with sparkling magics!


Let’s celebrate the magic of life on July 27th to August 3rd 2015 !