The 2017 edition of the OpenMind festival is canceled

It is with a heart full of emotion that we must announce that the 2017 edition of the OpenMind festival will not take place.

Over the past eight months, we have experienced a incredible process in which we have rebuilt the very roots of the way we organize events, placing humans at the center, in all its facets! How transformative was this process, both on the human and organizational level.

We have given way to this human and organizational process, and we have respected the pace of this process with confidence. It is with this confidence that we announce this news today, because we feel and know that what was rebuilt during these months is a solid human and renewed base. It is a real springboard for future OpenMind projects!

We made this decision after receiving unexpected news about the new land that was to host the festival, and also following the departure of some key members of the organization. It is not easy for us to accept the direction of the process and to grieve, but we know that it is for the best of ourselves and the OpenMind community because we are committed to preserving this new human culture, present and attentive throughout the process, so that the festival is an accomplished achievement and a source of vibrant, living, human and balanced inspiration.

The good news is that it puts back energy in the various OpenMind projects!

It is time to bring the community around the organization and include it in this process we are living. Our next event is OneMind, on April 7th: a golden opportunity to finally meet again in an OpenMind context, both very festive and well-centered.

Love for all of us beautiful OpenMind community!