The kitchens is what drives the community!

Meals being strong unifying moments; meal times and the quality of the kitchens is a priority for the OpenMind Festival 2015.

L’Attribut – cuisine responsable – is proud to join the OpenMind team in order to bring people together with its bountiful cuisine.

L’Attribut is a convergence of professionals and valiant volunteers who meet in harmony to co-create a delightful and inspiring menu. The meals will bring flavors from around the world and will be prepared mainly with local and organic ingredients by a dynamic and passionate team!

In order to cater to the values and needs of the community in its diversity, we have opted for vegetarian menus, with gluten-free and vegan options.

The OpenMind kitchen and other kiosks of the Food Court will give you access to a diversity of inspiring ways to nourish and sustain the whole community during the festival. Alimentary health and hygiene will be promoted to ensure that your experience will be unforgettable.

The service areas of the Food Court will be at the heart of the community and the festival-goers will be invited to joyfully participate in this circle where body and spirit are nourished.

Primary Menu:


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