OpenMind Festival 2015: July 27th to August 3rd 2015
La Patrie, Quebec, CanadaTickets !


OpenMind Festival 2015

July 27th to August 3rd 2015

La Patrie, Québec, Canada

- OpenMind Festival 2015 Theme: Embody

- Activities at OpenMind Festival 2015

- 50 first presale tickets selling this Sunday January 18th!

- Pictures of passed editions

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PsyMind 2014

Immersive Journey within our inner fire

Novembre 15-16, 2014
Val-David, 1 h from Montreal

A lucid adventure within ourselves
An exploration on the theme of our inner fire that radiates our whole being
A multi-sensory immersive experience merging all the senses
A moment out of time to feel the warmth of our core
To get in touch with ourselves
And Life!

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Sustainable OpenMind Eco-market

The OpenMind Project decided to postpone the eco-friendly market in November 2015

To create an original market with the high quality characteristic of OpenMind projects, we need more time organizing than expected. For this reason, we prefer to postpone this edition from 2014 to 2015 to truly create a market creating a strong positive impact!

In the meantime, come have fun with us at our next event, a multi-sensory immersive journey:

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